An ode to loss

The beginning of this new year marked the end of an era over here at Malia Campbell Photography HQ.  This past holiday season I experienced a devastating loss.  A loss so great that it’s taken me over a month to even be able to talk about it openly.

My beloved Canon 5D Mark II is gone.

Photo by the ridiculously talented Steve Korn

Me and Lovey
Photo by the ridiculously talented Steve Korn

I decided to send her on a little vacation back to Canon’s Irvine repair facility.  There was nothing wrong with her, I just thought I’d take advantage of Canon Professional Services‘ free “Clean and Check” program.  I thought it would be nice to start the year off with a professionally cleaned camera.

She never made it.

After a month of desperate calls to the Irvine repair center and several near-tears-and-nearly-freaking-out trips to the post office I decided it was time to call a loss.  And to make matters worse, I just found out that Canon is discontinuing this particular camera.

I have to say, all of this was very sad to me.  This camera was with me through a lot.  And even more, this camera really opened up some new doors for me.  It was with this camera that I made my first venture into full frame shooting.  And my first Canon “L” lens.  And my first foray into the world of filmmaking.  We traveled around the world together.  We made art together.

We’ve been through a lot.

Through this entire ordeal the folks down at Canon’s Irvine center were amazing.  They never made me feel like an idiot (even though I was) for shipping a $2000 camera without insurance.  OR A TRACKING NUMBER (idiot!).  They put a flag on my serial number so that they could pull it and call me with a confirmation the moment it arrived.  They put up with daily, then weekly phone calls, even when it became clear that their searches would be fruitless.

They were awesome.

The folks over at Thomas Pickard Insurance were also amazing.  A quick run down of events confirmed that I was covered.  A claim was filed.  And ta-da!  A check is in the mail.

It will never replace the camera that I knew and loved so much.  And the new camera (a Canon 5d Mark III), while a-MAAAAAZ-ing to shoot with, will never quite be to me what that camera was…

But it’s time to pick up the pieces and move on with my life.  Rest in peace, Lovey.  You are missed.

  1. Candace Kuzmarski Reply
    Ah Malia - that is a sad story :( My Canon 7D was stolen this summer, in fact my entire camera bag was stolen with $6000 worth of equipment. I bought the 5D Mark III as a replacement and I am so very happy with my new camera! I didn't really ever like the 7D knowing I should have purchased the 5D Mark II in the first place. You will make new stories and adventures with your new camera. Keep up the great posts!
  2. Charles Mackenzie-Hill Reply
    Malia. I feel for you and shudder at the thought of this kind of Loss. I hope your new friend brings you just as much joy and creative nostalgia in your future together
  3. Michael Reply
    Charles, Aren't we supposed to "shutter at the thought" of it? (I'm here all week, folks!) ;)
  4. Glad we were able to help you out Malia, and that you were satisfied with our service. But an extra thanks for mentioning us personally. Hope you and your new camera have a great relationship like you and Lovey once had!
    • Malia Campbell Photography Reply
      Hey, thanks for visiting. I really appreciate how painless you made the entire process! And this is a very good reminder that I need to update my gear list for you guys! :)

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